Monday, February 23, 2015

Magic Beauty

Magic Beauty of the Dolomites (Italy)

The best place for rest and resupply of the internal energy for many of us are, of course, mountains. Only there, admiring the magnificent scenery and breathing in the clean fresh air, we recover after strenuous everyday life. If you want to escape from the daily hustle and bustle and have a great time - go to a fabulously beautiful Dolomites (Dolomites), which are located in the northeastern part of Italy.

The name of this part of the Italian Alps, comes from the word "dolomite" - bedrock, which consists of a mountain range. For millennia, nature has created here is one of his best masterpieces - with bizarre shapes of mountains, sharp vertical cliffs, lush green valleys and large glaciers.

Dolomites - pretty high mountains, they include 18 peaks emerging from the mark of 3000 meters above sea level. The highest peak - Mount Marmolada (3342 m), the crest of which naturally separates two adjacent areas of the mountain range: Veneto and Trentino.

Dolomites length of about 150 kilometers have long been a magnet for lovers of ecological tourism, mountain climbing and skiing, because the ideal conditions for these types of leisure are created by nature. Studded with bright colors famous alpine meadows, stunning grandeur of its mountains, clear waters of the local rivers and lakes - all this in itself is able to give an incredible explosion of emotions. A great service and hospitality of local towns only complement the overall standings. If you wish to visit these places, buy the cheapest tour online Interested in other destinations? Travel company "Smart Tour" offers tours to anywhere in the world.

The tourist infrastructure in the Dolomites impresses with its well thought out to the last detail: it is possible to organize holidays for all tastes and at any time of the year. Twelve ski resorts located in this part of the Alps, offering winter sports enthusiasts more than 1200 km of slopes and 450 lifts. This whole ski area is combined into a single vast region - Dolomiti SuperSki, stay in which invariably delights and fresh storm of emotions in every tourist.

Dolomites are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. And there really is incredibly beautiful - in this magical place is a real unity with nature.