Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Unity with Nature

Reserve William Ricketts a Call for Unity with Nature


The history of the extraordinary beauty of the place, glorifying the neighborhood of Melbourne, began with the fact that back in 1930 near Mount Dandenong Australian sculptor was built hut. Then no one could have imagined that after a while, it was this master with the help of his great work force will be able to look totally different look Australians on all the beauty of the surrounding wilderness.

Starting from 1943, the estate of William Ricketts started to decorate statues Aborigines who, according to the author, expressing serenity and strength, are the epitome of the spirits of the land. Indeed, looking at the moss-shrouded sculptures of people and animals, no one has objected to the fact that they are an integral part of the natural environment that prevails around them.

To date, the reserve (William Ricketts Sanctuary), reminiscent of a sculpture garden, there are over ninety sculptures, for the manufacture of which the master, as a rule, use low-fat clay, as well as certain species of trees. As if growing out of ferns and branches of these silent creatures Ricketts remind everyone about the importance to preserve for posterity the diversity of life that exists on this earth. If you are planning a visit to the green continent tour in Australia in Russian will be a boon for you. After all, only an experienced guide will help to quickly find the most complete attractions, history and traditions of the local population.

On what is now called one of the spectacular sights of Australia, the sculptor had to work productively throughout his life. Unfortunately, his immense talent, he took with him forever, and not handing it over to the younger generation.