Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Anacondas

Anacondas (The largest snake in the World)

The biggest snake of all, existing on our planet - anaconda. Her ability to swallow quite large animals has long been entirely scared people, but most of the people as prey for this huge snake is not interesting. There are 4 types of anacondas, the most famous of which - common anaconda.

Habitat anacondas - South America, where they can be found across the continent. The most comfortable environment for them is the rainforest, but they try not to go far from the waters, preferring to live in a swampy area.

Since these snakes are as closely related to boa constrictors, it is not surprising that they have their typical features: a small head and a long muscular body. Unlike ordinary snakes, anacondas have had not one, but two lungs, as well as full pelvic bones - because of this they are referred to the family Boidae. Body anaconda very massive and can reach a length of about 11 meters, and weighs 150-250 pounds. These dimensions, of course, the imagination, but the existing rumors about the special length up to 40 meters are greatly exaggerated and absolutely untrue.

Color these impressive snakes depends on the species. For example, the giant anaconda has a clay color with blackish or greenish tint, and her whole body covered with large dark spots. Beniyskaya anaconda in appearance closely resembles a giant, differing from it only by the size - it grows "only" up to 4 meters. Its bright color stands out most of all Paraguayan anaconda - its yellowish body is covered with dark spots that the light blue cast.

A feature of these huge snakes is their sharp unpleasant smell that they exude around. The female is easily distinguished from the male - it has a large and thick body. Anacondas live mostly alone.

Contrary to the opinion of the imposed cinema, anaconda - a rather passive animal, and unnecessarily will not attack large prey. It feeds mainly on small rodents, turtles, young crocodiles, water birds and capybaras. Hunt prey, long anaconda can trap it, but sometimes it can begin pursuit. Since it has no poison, it wraps its prey rings, choking and swallows entirely. People anaconda attack is very rare, but several of these cases, though, it was.

Anaconda breed in April and May: the female leaves fragrant trail that males find it. Marriage match males expressed in their peculiar struggle - they are woven into a ball and cut the muscles, forcing the weaker opponent. Female can give birth to live young, and, and lay their eggs. Newborns anacondas quite vulnerable to predators, but reaching adulthood, live carelessly, as no animal dares to attack this giant. In captivity, anacondas can live about 5-6 years, but in the natural habitat of their life expectancy is much greater.