Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Green River

Green River (Total Groundwater Pollution)

After a flurry of publications in the media, the Chinese government has promised to solve the problem of "cancer villages" in areas where groundwater contamination and sources of so much that has led to a significant increase in such diseases as cancer of the stomach.

Huangyava, a village in Shandong Province, has become a symbol of the growing ecological disaster, when it became clear that the region has one of the highest incidence of gastric cancer in the world. The news of this spread quickly on social network Weibo, which is an analogue of the Chinese Twitter.

Wells in the village are believed to be contaminated with toxins from a nearby aluminum smelter, which also emits harmful substances into the air.

A resident of the village by the name of Zhang said in an interview with Financial Times: « Ten years ago, the water in our rivers was as clear as tap water today. We did not have to put in each house water tank metal to make clean water supplies. "

Activist Deng Fei, who has more than three million followers in Weibo, has drawn attention to the plight of the village. In 2009, Deng Fei said: "If this continues, we will all be doomed. If the problem of groundwater pollution is not resolved, then the water will not only kill people, but also put pressure on the entire health care system, because it will cause a huge number of cancer patients. "

In the end, the authorities were forced to admit the existence of "cancer villages", and the report of the Ministry of Environment stated that the production of harmful chemicals that are banned in many developed countries, are still in China.

According to Greenpeace East Asia, China has 320 million people lack access to safe drinking water and 190 million people are forced to consume drinking water, heavily contaminated by hazardous chemicals.