Monday, February 9, 2015

Abdulhasana Mosque (Egypt)

Abdulhasana Elshazi Mosque in Hurghada (Egypt)

Hurghada - this is one of the most popular Egyptian resorts. Those who are going to stay in this resort town should definitely visit a mosque Abdulhasana Elshazi, which is the main mosque in Hurghada. At least many reviews of tours in Hurghada contain comments with admiration this building. And pass the huge building of the mosque is practically impossible, because its minarets reach a height of forty meters.
Often referred to as the central mosque, pray because in its walls and glorify Allah come not only from Hurghada, and the inhabitants of other cities. The main mosque of the city was named after Abdulhasana Elshazi - preacher who, through their education and kindness, it was possible to send the true path, thousands of believers and to establish a new Muslim sects.
The opening of the mosque, which took place in the 60-ies of XX century, it was a very important event, which attracted a lot of important people of Egypt, including the country's president. The width of the mosque is about 120 meters, with the most impressive part of it are two forty-meter minarets, which are visible 20 miles away from the mosque.
It is surprising that even in such a huge mosque cannot fit all the faithful, so near the mosque Abdulhasana Elshazi have to build a gazebo.
Entrance to the building is free, but the mosque, as already mentioned, is valid to this day. Here wishing to get inside the tourists may find it difficult, because Muslims appreciate the peace and quiet, and therefore meet the tourists armed with cameras not very willingly. But even those who will be able to see the impressive interior of the mosque, should comply with a strict dress code: men can come only in pants full length, and women should forget about dresses with bare shoulders and skirts above the knee.