Monday, February 23, 2015

Skogafoss Waterfall

Skogafoss Waterfall in Iceland

Skogafoss - this is a waterfall located on the river Skougau, near the village of the same name is almost (Skogar) in the south of Iceland. Nearby is the glacier with the unpronounceable name. This waterfall can safely be called one of the most popular and beautiful places in the country. Now tours to Iceland every year are becoming increasingly popular, and many people come here because of the beautiful nature.

The coastline is now about five kilometers from the waterfall, although at one time in this place raging waves. For this reason, over hundreds of kilometers can be observed cliffs that make local expanses unique. Also visible to the naked eye the boundary between lowlands and highland.

Skogafoss has a width of 25 meters, and the water falls down from a height of 60 meters (the height of 18-storey building). Waterfall creates countless spray that allows you to see a single, and in some cases and a double rainbow. The effect is most noticeable on sunny days.
Tradition says that Tracy Touroulfsson, the first of the Vikings who settled in these lands, had untold wealth. Some of them he had hidden in a cave nearby the waterfall. Many years later, one of the local boys stumbled upon treasure chest. Before treasures disappeared again, the boy took out of the trunk ring, which is now on display in the museum Skougarskom.

For a long time the existence of the waterfall known only to the locals. After interest in Iceland began to grow, it was decided to lay a special trail for tourists. It runs between two massive glaciers, and also allows you to visit the incredibly beautiful valley Toursmerk (it got its name in honor of the Torah - one of the most famous Scandinavian gods) and continues another well-known tourist destinations. Thus, tourists can see not only the waterfall, but a number of other attractions.

Iceland became famous due to its nature, it is worth to emphasize the organization of the trip. Skogafoss waterfall, no doubt, should become a mandatory stopping point, because it is truly unique and very beautiful.