Monday, February 16, 2015

America's Chief Forecaster

Groundhog Day America's Chief Forecaster

On the first official Marmot-meteorology, turkey lives on the Hill, first mentioned in Pennsylvania (USA). Then it was decided each year, in early February to hold a festival dedicated to this animal.
Since then, it took more than a hundred years, there are many meteorological stations equipped with modern equipment, but people are still going to the second of February Groundhog near the house, in order to observe its behavior, so that it will be possible to make predictions about the spring.
Everyone who is looking forward to the onset of early spring, very happy if Groundhog Day in the yard overcast, because then got out of the burrow groundhog does not see his shadow, and not return back to his house, which means that the spring will not take long wait. Otherwise, if afraid of his own shadow, the groundhog forecaster hide-back, winter will dominate for at least another six weeks.
Traditional folk festival Groundhog Day is considered to be in the United States and Canada, still today admire this beast and predict the weather is going to people in many countries.
As it turns out, the roots of this holiday are back in ancient times, because of the Gregorian calendar Christians of Europe celebrated the second of February Presentation of the Lord, and this is the day determined the nature of the approaching spring. There is a saying that if that day is cloudless and clear, the year can be two winters.
Tradition also rely on the forecasts of our smaller brethren existed in ancient Rome, only responsible were not marmots, and hedgehogs.