Monday, February 16, 2015

Holiday Fragrance and Beauty

Toulouse Violet Festival Ancient Holiday Fragrance & Beauty


In early February, the French city of Toulouse is a traditional festival of violets, whose history is rooted in the mists of time. The first race, which defines the best floral arrangements, according to the chronicles, were held in 1323, and since 1811 this holiday was called "Violet Toulouse." In 1901, in Toulouse created the first cooperative, which began to specialize grow violets. The fame of this tender and fragrant flowers spreading around the world from here.
In 1960, Violet has become an emblem of the city of Toulouse decorating, from this time began the use of this wonderful flower in the industrial production of liqueurs, spirits and sweets. With the aim of finding new markets created by the association "Land of violets," in 2003 was officially approved by the Feast of violets, early starts functioning National Museum of violets, where visitors can see the different varieties of this beautiful flower.
In the middle of winter, when there are hard frosts and heavy snowstorms, born in Toulouse tale consisting of beautiful and fragrant flowers. Guests of the festival can see how huge themed compositions, and separate romantic bouquets to its varied colors are dazzling.
But not only the lovers of flowers visited Toulouse Violet Festival, here you can find beekeepers, doctors, perfumers and winemakers. These professions are considering prospects of violets in medicine, cosmetics and culinary experts examine the impact of even the smell of a flower on the human body.
But the main event of the festival is a competitive program, where members of the festival jury are unique bouquets made of violets, as well as dishes, which were used in this amazing flower petals.
Every year at the festival can see the new varieties of flowers and complex compositions, brought participants from many parts of the world. Historians believe that the love of the French violet communicated by the ancient Gauls, who considered it a symbol of innocence, purity and modesty.