Monday, February 16, 2015

Ross Castle

Ross Castle in Killarney


In County Kerry, near the town of Killarney, you can see the beautiful Loch Lynn, on the shores of which was built by Ross Castle, which was considered the family nest O'Donoghue clan.

He appeared in the late fifteenth century. Erection of Ross Castle engaged O'Donoghue ruling clan, but they were not the owners of long. During the uprising Desmondskogo Ross Castle constantly changed owners until rented the famous Sir Valentine Browne. He, like the others, fought with the British, led by Oliver Cromwell, and found himself defeated. But after the defeat of the tenants were able to return to their building, proving that the heir was very young to take part in the uprising. But luck was not always on the side of the Browns, in the seventeenth century, they still kicked out of Ross Castle. The castle became a military barracks, and as such has existed for a long time, until the nineteenth century.

Ross Castle - a typical structure, which are usually erected Irish leaders in the middle Ages, i.e. building with thick walls round corner towers, with a massive tower in the middle. Inside, it is decorated with oak furniture made ​​in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. On the ground floor once stored everything you need. The second floor was designed for security guards and attendants, where they slept on the floor on straw. On the third floor food was cooked and fed the guards and attendants. Above are the master bedroom of the castle, and on the fifth floor, they dined and entertained. Today, in these halls celebrate the wedding couple with guests, and leading to the wedding be entertained. Commerce penetrated and ancestral homes.

With lock Ross are many legends and myths. Thus, the ancient Irish superstition says that the lock can capture only when the lake will be a warship. And, interestingly, it really could win after him sailed boats with heavy artillery. Another legend says that the head of the clan O'Donoghue once pulled out of the window unknown force, at the same time taking his books, furniture and horse. He went a little above the ground, and then fell and drowned in the lake, located near the castle. It is said that the palace O'Donoghue lives at the bottom of the lake and constantly monitors the surrounding countryside.

Those who dreams of meeting a ghost, can do so by visiting Ross Castle, but the rest of it will be interesting to look at the symbol of the struggle for the independence of the Irish, the more so because it is in the most beautiful place where you can ride a boat and have a picnic.