Monday, February 16, 2015

Municipal House

Municipal House in Prague

(Czech Republic)

Municipal House in Prague is one of the most outstanding representatives of Art Nouveau, not only in the Czech capital, but also in Europe. Inside is a luxurious complex of rooms, including the largest concert hall in Prague, French restaurant, beer hall, the first American bar in the Czech Republic, as well as many showrooms.

Public house, opened in 1912, was built on the former site of the Royal Palace of Justice. He gained fame twenty-eighth October 1918, when there was a historically important proclamation of the independent state of Czechoslovakia.

Today, public house, of course, is one of the main attractions of the Republic Square. It is next to the Powder Tower, the entrance to the historic district of Prague - Old Town. This attraction is visited annually by thousands of tourists, many of them choose four star hotel in the center of Prague.

It's safe to say that the public house - a beautiful house in all aspects. Exterior is decorated with intricate stonework, gold ornaments, frescoes and stained glass windows.

Inside the house, marble staircase leads to a huge Smetana concert hall, which can be compared only Rudolfinum (Concert Hall in the center of Prague). Smetana Hall - a true architectural masterpiece that is the combination of white carved stone, frescoes and gold, illuminated by hundreds of lights.

In fine French restaurant you can enjoy first-class French, Czech and international cuisine. In search of beer, wine and cocktails can go to the American bar. Within the walls of the Municipal House are also often hosts exhibitions.