Monday, February 23, 2015

Magic Beauty

Magic Beauty of the Dolomites (Italy)

The best place for rest and resupply of the internal energy for many of us are, of course, mountains. Only there, admiring the magnificent scenery and breathing in the clean fresh air, we recover after strenuous everyday life. If you want to escape from the daily hustle and bustle and have a great time - go to a fabulously beautiful Dolomites (Dolomites), which are located in the northeastern part of Italy.

The name of this part of the Italian Alps, comes from the word "dolomite" - bedrock, which consists of a mountain range. For millennia, nature has created here is one of his best masterpieces - with bizarre shapes of mountains, sharp vertical cliffs, lush green valleys and large glaciers.

Dolomites - pretty high mountains, they include 18 peaks emerging from the mark of 3000 meters above sea level. The highest peak - Mount Marmolada (3342 m), the crest of which naturally separates two adjacent areas of the mountain range: Veneto and Trentino.

Dolomites length of about 150 kilometers have long been a magnet for lovers of ecological tourism, mountain climbing and skiing, because the ideal conditions for these types of leisure are created by nature. Studded with bright colors famous alpine meadows, stunning grandeur of its mountains, clear waters of the local rivers and lakes - all this in itself is able to give an incredible explosion of emotions. A great service and hospitality of local towns only complement the overall standings. If you wish to visit these places, buy the cheapest tour online Interested in other destinations? Travel company "Smart Tour" offers tours to anywhere in the world.

The tourist infrastructure in the Dolomites impresses with its well thought out to the last detail: it is possible to organize holidays for all tastes and at any time of the year. Twelve ski resorts located in this part of the Alps, offering winter sports enthusiasts more than 1200 km of slopes and 450 lifts. This whole ski area is combined into a single vast region - Dolomiti SuperSki, stay in which invariably delights and fresh storm of emotions in every tourist.

Dolomites are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. And there really is incredibly beautiful - in this magical place is a real unity with nature.

Monte-Carlo Beach

Monte-Carlo Beach (A nice and Cozy Hotel "France")

Monte-Carlo Beach - this is one of the most interesting hotels in the whole of France, which offers its guests activities in a unique location. Here you can watch what happens when you mix glamor of Monaco and the French Riviera comfort. And this is the result of a collision of styles, unique combination of a truly relaxing holiday surrounded by luxury. For this reason, here is regularly visited by celebrities world-wide from different countries and cities.

This place is beginning to gain popularity in the 30's of last century and has managed to survive a few upgrades. Now the Monte-Carlo Beach hundred percent compliant of the new millennium. Four dozen rooms and luxury suites are very spacious and furnished with quality furniture and appliances. From the windows of any and all rooms have a view of the Mediterranean that allows you to feel in Paradise, even just looking out the window? There is also its own Olympic pool with a tropical garden, several restaurants, a private beach, intended only for hotel guests. This allows guests to get a lot of variety entertainment in the area walking distance. It is possible throughout the rest do not even have to leave the resort, in fact everything you need to get positive emotions have on its territory. Almost the same conditions and offers a resort in Druskininkai Belarus.

Among the institutions belonging to the hotel should allocate a chic restaurant Elsa, who was even awarded attention from Michelin. Should come back in a restaurant called La Vigie, which serves a variety of delicious dishes of fish and crayfish. Chef of each restaurant is ready to offer and some of his signature recipes, which is unique in any restaurant in the world. Tourists get the best of what Monaco has to offer. If I want to have fun in any other way, it is close to the world-famous Monte Carlo Casino.

Skogafoss Waterfall

Skogafoss Waterfall in Iceland

Skogafoss - this is a waterfall located on the river Skougau, near the village of the same name is almost (Skogar) in the south of Iceland. Nearby is the glacier with the unpronounceable name. This waterfall can safely be called one of the most popular and beautiful places in the country. Now tours to Iceland every year are becoming increasingly popular, and many people come here because of the beautiful nature.

The coastline is now about five kilometers from the waterfall, although at one time in this place raging waves. For this reason, over hundreds of kilometers can be observed cliffs that make local expanses unique. Also visible to the naked eye the boundary between lowlands and highland.

Skogafoss has a width of 25 meters, and the water falls down from a height of 60 meters (the height of 18-storey building). Waterfall creates countless spray that allows you to see a single, and in some cases and a double rainbow. The effect is most noticeable on sunny days.
Tradition says that Tracy Touroulfsson, the first of the Vikings who settled in these lands, had untold wealth. Some of them he had hidden in a cave nearby the waterfall. Many years later, one of the local boys stumbled upon treasure chest. Before treasures disappeared again, the boy took out of the trunk ring, which is now on display in the museum Skougarskom.

For a long time the existence of the waterfall known only to the locals. After interest in Iceland began to grow, it was decided to lay a special trail for tourists. It runs between two massive glaciers, and also allows you to visit the incredibly beautiful valley Toursmerk (it got its name in honor of the Torah - one of the most famous Scandinavian gods) and continues another well-known tourist destinations. Thus, tourists can see not only the waterfall, but a number of other attractions.

Iceland became famous due to its nature, it is worth to emphasize the organization of the trip. Skogafoss waterfall, no doubt, should become a mandatory stopping point, because it is truly unique and very beautiful.

Museum of the Aegean Sea

Museum of the Aegean Sea in Mykonos (Greece)

Museum of the Aegean Sea was created to save the Greek maritime tradition, and also to make their study and popularize the subject among the local population, foreign tourists. The thing is that the Aegean Sea, in fact, a historical landmark, because here at one time were born the foundations of Greek seafaring. Currently, anyone can home in Greece by the sea, and then lived here only the indigenous population, which were concerned the full use of marine space.

It was decided to build a museum in the Mycenaean building, built in the 19th century. Exhibits here quite a lot, for example, there are many models of ships from period and ending sea of ​​the last century. There is also the ancient artifacts, navigation tools, equipment sailors, maps, documents from ships, a collection of coins and so on. Some things belong to the historical period BC, which means that they have more than two thousand years.

There is also a library, which stores more than five thousand rare books and more contemporary works, as well as an archive of photos, manuscripts. The collection is constantly updated, primarily due to new discoveries and help from private collectors and other museums. All this makes it possible to expand the archive, to deepen knowledge in different areas of a particular science, shed light on some historical events. Local garden allowed to place reproduction gravestones that were installed on the islands of Mykonos and Delos. They are usually installed after the shipwreck, as a memorial to the sailors who perished in the depths of water.

Museum staff spent a lot of time on the rescue and recovery of a number of exhibits. So, were reconstructed lighthouse Armenistis and several sailing ships? As a result of the exposure to get even more ambitious and beautiful. All of this can be seen by visitors of the museum, so that tourists who choose to visit Greece must keep this in mind.

Bachkovo Monastery

Bachkovo Monastery in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a lot of attractions, but even among them this monastery has a special place. It's time to learn more about it. The building of the monastery is located thirty kilometers from the city of Plovdiv. He stands out primarily due to its unusual architecture, as well as historical significance.

From this place associated with many events in the history of the country, which is regularly mentioned by historians and those who are simply interested in the past of Bulgaria. Love this place and tourists as well as locals and expats. Because now become very accessible apartments in Bulgaria prices at which each year only reduced. This increased flow of visitors.

The monastery was founded in 1083 AD and was originally here were serving only the monks of Georgian origin. The situation changed after two and a half centuries. Since 1344 in the monastery began to appear and Bulgarian monks. Then Monastery favorably with other similar structures that in his dominions were extensive fields, where they could grow vegetables and wheat. This allows not only provide food for all the monks, but also to sell products in order to obtain additional profit. No wonder that came to these lands Turks sacked the monastery and took out almost all values. In the future, it had to restore the efforts of hundreds of workers.

If we talk about the most interesting object in the monastery, the church stands out tomb. Its peculiarity is that it was built in 1083 and perfectly preserved to this day. Thus, only 70 years later, the building will celebrate the millennial anniversary. In addition, it is an excellent example of Georgian architecture of the time. The monastery complex includes the Church of the Holy Trinity and St. Archangel and the Assumption Cathedral and several other buildings that were built hundreds of years ago.

When the temple still operates successfully and museum where you can see many ancient artifacts, allowing learn more about the local culture and traditions. Usually in Bulgaria reigns sunny and warm weather, so pay a visit to the monastery can be almost any time of year?

Castle in town of Narbonne

Castle in the town of Narbonne (France)

Narbonne is one of the most famous areas in the whole of southern France. The reason for all this is a local nature that has been preserved intact even in an age when the concrete jungle of the streets and high-rise buildings, can be seen at almost every turn. The city is a very attractive place not only for tourists but also for ordinary people who are planning to move here for permanent residence. That's only for the purchase of housing need quite a lot of money, especially when it comes to fanatical castle, where you can find all the best that can offer this area.

Amazing beautiful granite stone castle built near the beach of the Mediterranean Ridge and familiar to many tourists Canal du Midi. That's just it's not all the features of construction, makes the prospect to buy it so seductive. In the heart of the site is a house built in the form of a castle and has a total area of ​​about two hundred thousand square meters. Here you can find several living rooms and four spacious bedrooms, equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay.

The property would be a homeowner and a basement with an area of ​​four square meters. There are also at least a spacious attic where you can make a recreation room, a cinema or a gym. On the site is also a beautiful garden, where there are dozens of different flowers and trees. There is a pool, which is located near the area for games and a group of friends.

You can purchase a lock of Narbonne right now. He put up for sale and will become the property of the person who is willing to pay for it an amount equal to 980 thousand euros. Given the attractiveness of this unique place, sooner or later, such a brave man always exists.

W Hotel (Spain)

W Hotel in Barcelona (Spain)

W Network plans to open eight hotels in various cities in Europe. At this point in the operation launched five of them: in Paris, St. Petersburg, London, Istanbul, Barcelona. Three more will be opened in 2016 (Athens, Milan and Verbier). Each W hotel has an individual design and structure should be noted on the seafront of Barcelona, ​​because this hotel is considered by many the most outstanding in the series. Futuristic construction was designed by architect Ricardo Bofill. It's time to learn more about this architectural wonder, located in the beautiful and sunny city of Spain.

The hotel is more reminiscent of the spaceship, and a mirrored facade only reinforces the impression of the object of extraterrestrial origin. The interior is decorated with a very unusual combination of many materials look very extraordinary. Appearance of the building immediately etched in my memory, and as the first association to mind the famous Dubai Sail.

The hotel room capacity of 406 spacious rooms and has 67 luxury apartments, offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean. All rooms at the W has a unique design inherent in the network. For example, here you can find W, as well as Bliss Spa and Munchie Box. It is surprising that the infrastructure is available to all guests absolutely, not just those that prefer the luxury class.

Some rooms even have their own name and additional features. Thus, the number of "Mega" is the most spacious of all representations of numbers and "Wonderful" You can see a full panorama of the local port. There are also a number: "Wonderful," "Cool Corner", "Fairy" and so on. Each room has certain features that allow customers to choose something suitable for their purposes.

W Barcelona - is the first European hotel, where customers became available Recreation Complex Bliss Spa. Here you can find the eight treatment rooms with private lounges for both sexes, as well as boutique cosmetics, excellent jacuzzi and sauna. Many people come to the hotel just for the opportunity to relax in the best Spa-complex.