Monday, February 23, 2015

W Hotel (Spain)

W Hotel in Barcelona (Spain)

W Network plans to open eight hotels in various cities in Europe. At this point in the operation launched five of them: in Paris, St. Petersburg, London, Istanbul, Barcelona. Three more will be opened in 2016 (Athens, Milan and Verbier). Each W hotel has an individual design and structure should be noted on the seafront of Barcelona, ​​because this hotel is considered by many the most outstanding in the series. Futuristic construction was designed by architect Ricardo Bofill. It's time to learn more about this architectural wonder, located in the beautiful and sunny city of Spain.

The hotel is more reminiscent of the spaceship, and a mirrored facade only reinforces the impression of the object of extraterrestrial origin. The interior is decorated with a very unusual combination of many materials look very extraordinary. Appearance of the building immediately etched in my memory, and as the first association to mind the famous Dubai Sail.

The hotel room capacity of 406 spacious rooms and has 67 luxury apartments, offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean. All rooms at the W has a unique design inherent in the network. For example, here you can find W, as well as Bliss Spa and Munchie Box. It is surprising that the infrastructure is available to all guests absolutely, not just those that prefer the luxury class.

Some rooms even have their own name and additional features. Thus, the number of "Mega" is the most spacious of all representations of numbers and "Wonderful" You can see a full panorama of the local port. There are also a number: "Wonderful," "Cool Corner", "Fairy" and so on. Each room has certain features that allow customers to choose something suitable for their purposes.

W Barcelona - is the first European hotel, where customers became available Recreation Complex Bliss Spa. Here you can find the eight treatment rooms with private lounges for both sexes, as well as boutique cosmetics, excellent jacuzzi and sauna. Many people come to the hotel just for the opportunity to relax in the best Spa-complex.