Monday, February 23, 2015

Castle in town of Narbonne

Castle in the town of Narbonne (France)

Narbonne is one of the most famous areas in the whole of southern France. The reason for all this is a local nature that has been preserved intact even in an age when the concrete jungle of the streets and high-rise buildings, can be seen at almost every turn. The city is a very attractive place not only for tourists but also for ordinary people who are planning to move here for permanent residence. That's only for the purchase of housing need quite a lot of money, especially when it comes to fanatical castle, where you can find all the best that can offer this area.

Amazing beautiful granite stone castle built near the beach of the Mediterranean Ridge and familiar to many tourists Canal du Midi. That's just it's not all the features of construction, makes the prospect to buy it so seductive. In the heart of the site is a house built in the form of a castle and has a total area of ​​about two hundred thousand square meters. Here you can find several living rooms and four spacious bedrooms, equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay.

The property would be a homeowner and a basement with an area of ​​four square meters. There are also at least a spacious attic where you can make a recreation room, a cinema or a gym. On the site is also a beautiful garden, where there are dozens of different flowers and trees. There is a pool, which is located near the area for games and a group of friends.

You can purchase a lock of Narbonne right now. He put up for sale and will become the property of the person who is willing to pay for it an amount equal to 980 thousand euros. Given the attractiveness of this unique place, sooner or later, such a brave man always exists.