Monday, February 23, 2015

Bachkovo Monastery

Bachkovo Monastery in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a lot of attractions, but even among them this monastery has a special place. It's time to learn more about it. The building of the monastery is located thirty kilometers from the city of Plovdiv. He stands out primarily due to its unusual architecture, as well as historical significance.

From this place associated with many events in the history of the country, which is regularly mentioned by historians and those who are simply interested in the past of Bulgaria. Love this place and tourists as well as locals and expats. Because now become very accessible apartments in Bulgaria prices at which each year only reduced. This increased flow of visitors.

The monastery was founded in 1083 AD and was originally here were serving only the monks of Georgian origin. The situation changed after two and a half centuries. Since 1344 in the monastery began to appear and Bulgarian monks. Then Monastery favorably with other similar structures that in his dominions were extensive fields, where they could grow vegetables and wheat. This allows not only provide food for all the monks, but also to sell products in order to obtain additional profit. No wonder that came to these lands Turks sacked the monastery and took out almost all values. In the future, it had to restore the efforts of hundreds of workers.

If we talk about the most interesting object in the monastery, the church stands out tomb. Its peculiarity is that it was built in 1083 and perfectly preserved to this day. Thus, only 70 years later, the building will celebrate the millennial anniversary. In addition, it is an excellent example of Georgian architecture of the time. The monastery complex includes the Church of the Holy Trinity and St. Archangel and the Assumption Cathedral and several other buildings that were built hundreds of years ago.

When the temple still operates successfully and museum where you can see many ancient artifacts, allowing learn more about the local culture and traditions. Usually in Bulgaria reigns sunny and warm weather, so pay a visit to the monastery can be almost any time of year?