Monday, February 16, 2015

Street Art Festival

Graffiti Fine Art Biennial Brazilian Street Art Festival

In late January, in Sao Paulo traditionally kicks off the festival Graffiti Fine Art Biennial, which takes place here in the last month. For example, in 2013 the festival took part the best masters of street art from eleven countries of the world.
Many festival guests impressed with the work of renowned Brazilian graffiti Eduardo Cobra, which in the area of ​​Avenida Paulista has created a work of art dedicated to the memory of the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer in Latin America, who died in December 2012.
Many works created in the Biennale, were exposed to view in the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture. Overall, the festival successfully worked for more than fifty young promising artists from different stylistic directions.
Do not remain without attention of numerous spectators’ colorful work of street artist from Brazil Minhau "Geometric cat", which is a wooden sculpture, painted with rainbow colors. Posted a work of art young talented master near the main entrance to the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture.
If we compare the festival Graffiti Fine Art Biennial in Sao Paulo with other similar events, he does not try to be too "serious", his art is clear to any interested person.
But on the other hand, the works of the masters of street art, participating in the festival, are not primitive, they create a perfect balance that will satisfy the demands of both connoisseurs of high-end art and mere spectators.
A striking proof of this is the huge number of visitors who want to see the work of young talented authors.