Monday, February 9, 2015

Moroccan Switzerland

City Ifrane Moroccan Switzerland

Morrocco most people associate with cunningly maze of streets, low houses and deserted beaches. In many ways, the way it is, but Ifrane - this is a special city that does not look like all the other towns located within the borders of Morocco. The thing is that it is built at an altitude of about two thousand meters above sea level and therefore more reminiscent of the Swiss Alps and all mountain town located there. Here you can see straight and neat building with a red roof, bright green parks and gardens, as well as lakes and a real snow that falls in the winter in large quantities. It is not surprising that the city is known informally as "Moroccan Switzerland".
Lush vegetation blooms in spring and winter creates a contrast with the dry and hot climates, the main part of Morocco. Ifrane - is moderately accessible resort, so visit it themselves Moroccans who want to feel the real European winter, play in the snow, to ski. If Gatchina hot meals can be ordered at the house on, in Ifrane full of restaurants and cafes where you can eat tasty and inexpensive meal.
Ifrane French workers built in the 30s of last century, when France had control over local lands. Founders of the city was then drew a cold climate, and now live here Moroccans who like exotics. Detom even when the whole country faint from the heat, Ifrane happy to stay comfortable climate, the rain here regularly, and too high temperatures cannot be seen. In winter, the thermometer often drops below zero degrees Celsius, and the mountain slopes begin to be covered with snow. The lowest temperature in the territory of the content, by the way, was recorded in Ifrane and amounted to -24 ° C.

The city is located high in the mountains and many families come here for the summer to escape the heat and enjoy the amazing scenery. Architecture Ifrane made in the European style, thanks to the fact that the French were engaged in construction and lived here originally only European country. Even the trees and flowering plants for the most part were brought from Europe. African flowers corny died in such a harsh climate for them.
After the country gained independence from France, almost all Europeans left the city and settled Moroccans. They are somewhat extended it built a traditional market and a mosque. In 1995 happened to another significant event - appeared in the city of Al Ahoeyna prestigious university. Now the town is a summer and winter resort, all the places in hotels during the tourist season sold out for several weeks ahead.