Monday, February 9, 2015

Beautiful Waterfall in Mount Lebanon

Fantastic "Baatara Throat" Incredibly Beautiful Waterfall In Mount Lebanon


Our planet is rich in a wide variety of natural wonders, and most of them are surprised humanity is not one hundred or even a thousand years. But sometimes it happens and so that is quite extensive natural formation miraculously concealed from prying eyes, for a long time hiding her extraordinary beauty. This was the case with an incredible waterfall under the eloquent title "Throat Baatar (Baatara Gorge), which is in Mount Lebanon - this ancient wonder of nature was discovered as recently as 1952.

The waterfall is very beautiful - silver water stream flowing down to a height of about 250 meters and, spilling millions of spray flies through three natural hanging over each other partitions. Limestone cave, where water falls, and is called - "The gap of three bridges."

Age of the attractions is about 160 million years, during which time the water bit by bit unusual shaped cave is really something resembling a giant throat of a fabulous monster. If you are interested in pictures of interesting places, go to a private bank ph There you will find a lot of high-quality photographs taken by professionals, and many can be downloaded free of charge.

How did it happen so that people did not notice as long as huge geological formation? The fact is that the cave with a waterfall located in a secluded spot on the green meadows and securely hidden from prying eyes by lush vegetation. Find a place alone is difficult, so the waterfall and remained unknown for so long, despite the existence of settlements very close to him. And only a few decades ago, this incredible natural wonder was accidentally discovered by the French caver Koyfe Henry (Henri Coiffait).

Despite its fantastic beauty, waterfall Baatar is a very treacherous place - the edges are fragile and slippery, which can lead to irreversible consequences for inattentive tourists. Some time ago a group of curious onlookers had nearly fallen down with one of the bridges, so today the issue of security is paid much more attention.

In order not to spoil the surrounding view, it was decided not to install guards, but in here warning post clearly informs visitors about the possible consequences of their carelessness.