Monday, February 9, 2015

Beyneke Library (USA)

Beyneke library, which holds rare books and manuscripts (USA)

Beyneke - a library of Yale University, which holds rare books and manuscripts. Concurrently, it is the largest building on the planet, and those environments where you store is really rare books, documents and manuscripts. The library is located on the campus of Yale University, and she opened its doors in 1963, when the construction is over. Here you can store about 800 thousand books. To date, the library consists of 500 thousand to several million books and manuscripts. For example, here is an original Gutenberg Bible, the Voynich manuscript and many other historical books and documents.
Previously, all valuable books Yale stored on special racks in general in the college library, which is known to modern students as Dwight Hall. In 1930 he was created a separate readable room, where you could find all the rare books. But the collection has grown steadily, and the room became too small for such a volume of books. For this reason it was decided to build a larger and more modern building.

Most problems arose during storage organization documents. It was necessary to ensure a sufficient level of light for comfortable reading, is not destroyed by this dilapidated documents, which are in the library a lot. It was decided to use transparent marble glass of sufficient thickness so that the light can be distributed throughout the room, but this is without prejudice located there books and documents. It does not come to those who prefer games hairstyles for girls, because the doors are open only elected institution researchers.

 The library building is built of granite, bronze, glass and marble, and is surrounded by several additional buildings, creating architectural ensemble. In the center is a six-level glass tower, which houses about 180 thousand rare and very valuable volumes. Access is allowed only librarians here. More precisely, visitors can see some of the books, but are not able to touch them. The tower also has a special fire-extinguishing system. Instead of water, a mixture of gases, allowing to extinguish the fire in just a few seconds.
Beyneke library is available not only for Yale students, but also for its visiting scholars and tourists. Many people say that this is where there is the largest collection in the world of knowledge, bringing together the history of mankind for several millennia.