Monday, February 9, 2015

Lucas Museum (USA)

Lucas Museum in Chicago (USA)

Museum of George Lucas - this building project that develops personally Lucas and dedicated it for most of the history of the legendary Star Wars. All exhibits and displays will somehow come into contact with the subject of world-known universe. The project cost is estimated at three hundred million dollars. The building will be located on a beautiful plot, and there, its windows everyone can see the lake Chicago. However, the museum originally was supposed to be elsewhere.
In his earlier interview with Lucas told me that he wanted to open a museum of Star Wars in his native San Francisco. It was even selected a specific place where the object would look as much as possible organically. Unfortunately, the local authorities have not approved the project without explaining the reasons for the refusal of the building. Lucas had to urgently look for an option to Chicago, where he was waiting for a much warmer reception. The mayor of the city, allowed to choose any place in the museum, which is like the director. As a result, the new building will be in an area where there are already several museums, Adler Planetarium, as well as the home stadium of the Chicago Bears. Tourists can visit all the major attractions of the city, moving between them under its own power.
Given the scale of the project, it was decided to bring a few large companies that will help make it a reality. So, studio Web Architects will design the pyramid, and architectural firm Studio Gang was take over the construction of the bridge by which the museum will be accessible directly from the neighboring island. Chicago VOA altogether will manage the project, ensure that all the work was done efficiently and on time. It is also planned to do everything possible to events fantastic saga sometimes intertwined with the very Chicago and its history.
Many have already appeared quite reasonable question when you can visit this wonderful museum? Lucas says that the opening of the facility is planned for 2020. There is no doubt, if all the ideas will be implemented, the museum will be one of the main attractions of the city.