Monday, February 9, 2015

California Mormon Temple in San Diego (USA)

California Mormon Temple in San Diego(USA)

California coast for decades has attracted a huge number of tourists from all over the world, there are excellent conditions for a comfortable and exciting pastime. Among the many spectacular sights in the region the US stands Mormon Temple, built in the city of San Diego.
This is the forty-seventh like structure, which was built by the religious community of Mormons in the United States. California Temple is the third largest in the country, was consecrated in 1993.
The majestic building of the temple, impressive for its size, made ​​in dazzling white, it is the color scheme is a symbol of innocence and purity for Mormons. Adorn the temple two pointed towers, each of which is surrounded by spires. If you would like to visit this attraction.
Composition solution top of the church in many ways similar to the classic Gothic cathedrals of medieval Europe. Sculpture of an angel Moroni, whom Mormons believe a prophet, stands on the top spire of one of the towers.
It should be noted that the Mormons, among which there are quite a lot of influential people, build its own church on the model of the Temple of Solomon, which was built in Jerusalem. This canon, according to representatives of the religious movement, commanded at the time of Jesus Christ.
Tourists from many corners of the globe, traveling through California, try to go near this famous and beautiful temple, but unfortunately, not everyone can go inside the building, because the church doors are open only to the followers of the religion.