Monday, February 9, 2015

Tomb of Emperor (Vietnam)

The Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc in Hue


In the village of Duong Xuan Thuong, 6 km from Hue, tourists come to see the tomb of Emperor Tu Duc (Royal Tomb Tu Duc). The rulers are always ready to advance his burial, and the Emperor Tu Duc was no exception to the rule. The Emperor was very rich, and did not spare funds for its construction.
Tu Duc did not know what a savings. Every day his fifty cooks cooked for him fifty dishes, they were carried fifty servants. His tea was made ​​from droplets of dew that collects on the leaves of the lotus. The rulers were 104 wives and countless concubines, who used ancient cosmetics - the prototype of today's DeSheli.
Knowing all this, there is no doubt that the building was erected on the orders of the legendary emperor, turned out magnificent. While the governor was alive, his tomb was a park and palace for dignitaries.
The tomb is surrounded by an octagonal wall, you can get in through the gates Wu Khiem. Not far from them is Sungkhiem Pavilion, which overlooks the water. Once it entertained the Emperor's concubine, reading him his own poems. The steps from the pier, you can reach the temple Hoakhiem. Here you can see the thrones of the Emperor and Empress, and the mirror concubines Tu Duc, watches, etc. Behind the temple was located Minkhiem Chamber, which has been used for display of theatrical productions.

Impressive Courtyard of Honor. Here conspicuous figures of elephants and horses, as well as officials. Nearby there is a pavilion, which can be viewed on the stove, weighing about 20 tons. It emperor himself wrote about his exploits, it was through these records, we know a lot about that time.
Despite the fact that the construction of the tomb was spent a lot of money and effort, the body of the emperor in it. Where he was buried, no one knows. According to legend, the grave put a lot of value. But to tell you where they are, no one can, because all 200 servants who participated in the burial, were later executed.
View of the tomb of Tu Duc should in any case, since history of the emperor, his life cannot fail to interest everyone, not just history buffs.