Monday, February 9, 2015

The Rainbow

Water Iris Garden the Place where the Scattered Fragments of the Rainbow (Japan)

Irises - beautiful fluttering flowers, which are, according to one respected Japanese legend, small fragments of the rainbow, on which to convey the will of the gods to mortals once descended beautiful goddess Iris.
Be in the garden, where it grows a huge number of these wonderful plants can be under one condition - if you visit Japan, because it's probably the only place on the planet where you can see such a rich variety of fragrant pink roses that smell like cosmetics svoii Deaura.
In order to provide all visitors of this fragrant attractions opportunity to fully enjoy the ethereal beauty of the park, providing tour boat, which is very convenient to travel to specially equipped TV.
Incredibly lucky that lucky enough to get here in the flowering period, because then you can not only get a lot of pleasure from walking water garden, but also be in this "ocean" of scents that create nearly half a million rainbow iris.
In Japan, there are many beliefs about these colors. For example, the Japanese firmly believe that necklace, woven with irises - a real panacea for all ills, and even the guardian of earthly sins. In addition, due to the similarity of the leaves of this plant with a samurai sword blade, iris is also considered a symbol of invincible samurai spirit.
Proof reverent attitude to the Japanese delicate flowers is the annual festival dedicated to these plants. The most ambitious here celebrate Children's Day, which has a second name - the "feast of boys."