Monday, February 9, 2015

The Temple (Vietnam)

Quan Thanh Temple


The Vietnamese love and revere his famous Temple Quan Thanh. It was a tradition that the capital of this country protect four of the temple, which symbolize the four main elements. One of these shrines is Quan Thanh. In a beautiful location among the dense vegetation on the southwestern shore of Lake Chukbat can admire this legendary building.
The temple was built in the eleventh century and named pagoda "Chanvukuan", which means "sanctuary Jang Woo", but in 1840 he received a new name - "Sacred Pagoda mandarin."
There is an ancient legend. Once Duong Vuong a ruler tried to build a strengthening near the village of Co Loa, but he could not do it. And all because the builders bothered wandering around the neighborhood spirit. However, the holy Jang Woo could banish the ghost, and then nothing prevented the completion of the works. Delighted by the emperor ordered to build a temple in honor of the saint, whose construction was completed in 1010.

Now tourists cannot see this legendary building, as for all this time the appearance and architecture of the temple is not just changed. A complete renovation of the building had to 1893godu when added onto several halls and gates, consisting of three sections. After the temple remained unchanged.

The pride of the church is the sculpture Jang Woo made of bronze. Images of saints is very unusual: he sits, sword in hand, without shoes. The sculpture - about 4 meters in diameter - about 3 meters, and the weight is also significant - more than 3 tons. A figure created in 1677. Many believe that this sculpture is the standard of bronze casting of the city of Hanoi. Locals revere their holy, so bring him flowers, aromatic incense and other gifts. And in the hall for prayers can see a statue of the master Truman Trong, who once made the famous statue.
Quan Thanh Temple is never empty, since they are interested in not only the Vietnamese, but also millions of tourists.