Monday, February 9, 2015

Castle in (Ireland)

Lynch Castle in Galway (Ireland)

Those who are going to Ireland, Galway, is to go to the place of intersection of Shop Street and Ebbigeyt Street, where there is one of the most amazing buildings in the city, namely the castle Lynch. Once they had a powerful Irish family Lynch, whose representatives for several centuries served in high positions, occupying the post of chief of the city, constantly replacing each other.
From this tragic story family, through which their name has become synonymous. Once the next Governor Lynch was forced to execute his own son, and sentenced him to death for what he had killed a Spanish citizen. Interestingly, no one wanted to do it, until a cruel father himself could not endure a death sentence. It was after this case an expression of "Lynch law". The young man was put to death, and on the wall of the prison appeared black marble plate, reminiscent of the case.
Castle Lynch - this imposing gray building made of limestone. It is a fine example of an Irish gothic and is considered the only secular medieval building, which has survived to our times in this city. Once upon a time, in the fifteenth-sixteenth centuries, the town's castle, are residential buildings, have been very popular with wealthy Irish merchants.
When it was built this castle, just could not be established. It is believed that it was built in the fifteenth century, although some parts - the fourteenth century. Above the entrance to the castle you can see the coat of arms of Henry VII, who was King of England from 1484 to 1509 years, more likely, it was then engaged, and the construction of this four-story building. Over the past century, the castle was rebuilt, but its appearance has not changed, and in 1808 it was decided to make an extensive extension. The facade is decorated with a rifle butt on one of the side walls was mounted stone with carved coat of arms of Count Kildare. Conspicuous and carved coat of arms of the family Lynch, as well as the gargoyles on the gutters and beautiful frames in several boxes.
In 1930, it decided to buy the building alliance Irish castles. It was restored, and then on the ground floor was opened branch of the popular bank Aillied Irih Bank, as there is a small museum.
Shop Street, on which the castle stands Lynch - is the main shopping street in Galway, where many different shops and restaurants, small cafes, you can listen to the street musicians. Tourists will be interesting to walk around the neighborhood, but of course, the main goal of the journey - an old castle, which is undoubtedly the cultural and historical value.