Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Conquer Everest without legs

Mark Inglis the first Climber to Conquer Everest without Legs

New Zealander Mark Inglis in 2006 was conquered Everest. But this is not surprising, but the fact that twenty years ago he lost both legs. Thanks to his wife Inglis, reporters learned that all his life he dreamed of climbing to the highest point of the planet.

Realize this dream come true athlete does not stop even then, that in 1982 during an expedition to the mountains of New Zealand Mount Cook, he froze both feet. Surgeons had to amputate the limb below the knee and after a while Inglis began to move on two prostheses. Yet climber not give up the dream of Everest - he continued his training and preparation for the implementation of the climb.
During the ascent to the summit, which lasted 40 days, the share of Inglis dropped some heavy testing. At an altitude of 6400 meters he broke one of the prosthesis and he had to deal with its repair. Fortunately, the athlete prudently brought with him spare parts. Successfully to repair, the athlete continued his ascent and finished it, and climb the highest point on the planet.

Moreover, Mark climbed Everest from one side of the mountain, and he had to go down on the other. By the way, according to reliable sources, such route was the third in the history of the conquest of the summit.

Helen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zealand, personally congratulated the climber. She said that in itself the conquest of Everest is a major achievement for each climber, but for Mark Inglis it has become even more important.

For the first time Everest (Chomolungma or) was conquered on May 29, 1953, Tenzing Norgeem and Edmund Hillary.