Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Abraham Lincoln's Tomb

Abraham Lincoln's Tomb in Spring field (USA)

Tomb of Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States, is located in Springfield (Illinois). There is a legend that one who runs the nose of the Great Emancipator, be sure to visit luck. True or not, but the fact that Lincoln's Tomb - one of the most spectacular sights in Springfield, is an indisputable fact.

In honor of Abraham Lincoln, perhaps, was built by the largest number of monuments, statues and memorials in the history of the United States. Tomb of Abraham Lincoln is undoubtedly a great job. The monument is a high tower, which rises above the squat mausoleum. The crypt, which was erected in 1874, is the resting place of Abraham Lincoln, his wife Mary Lincoln, and their three sons.

Four huge statues of soldiers and Marines surround a central obelisk. At the foot of the monument can be seen a large bronze statue of Lincoln's head up, which was located in the building of the US Congress. Tourists who travel by car, we recommend you not to forget about auto insurance.

Residents and guests of the city is so jammed nose on the statue of Lincoln that he found a golden color. No one knows how to appear like a superstition, but every year tens of thousands of tourists from many corners of our planet mandatory tinder nose to the one who was able to put an end to the Civil War in the United States. Memorial visitors are allowed to look into the tomb to witness the remains of the Great Emancipator. Rub on them are not worth it, because it's not exactly luck will bring. Should stay on the nose.