Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Liquid Rainbow

The most Beautiful "Liquid Rainbow" (Columbia)

Person to walk on the beach mysterious river Caño Cristales, already for a moment never doubt the existence of the unique places on earth. Colombians call their bright and colorful attraction "river of five colors." More precisely and you can imagine, because in this reservoir during the dry period beginning in June and ending in October, you can watch now a riot of colors, among which are the predominant yellow, green, black, blue and red.

In the clear waters of the river, resembling a liquid at this time a rainbow, it's easy to see growing wildly colorful algae, in which lies the secret of unusual color Caño Cristales.

With the advent of the rainy season, which certainly entails raising the water level, water plants begin to suffer from shortage of moisture they need and the sun, causing the gradual disappearance of bright color, and then Caño Cristales is in no way different from the normal river.

Another mystery of the most beautiful rivers in the world is the lack of fish. Some see the reason in the structural features of the river bottom, others - in the almost complete absence of impurities, minerals and salts. Therefore, for carp fishing in September will have to find another river. Yet the absence of fishing opportunities in no way reduces the interest in this pond.

Fantastic Phenomenon River attracts many tourists its banks, which have to overcome a rather complicated way, the truth, and all the hardships of travel immediately forgotten as soon as the opportunity to plunge into the waters of this natural wonder.