Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chateau d'Usse

Chateau d'Usse on Erne (France)

Often tourists traveling to France, first of all try to visit Paris, unjustly forgetting the charming attractions of the province, which deserve special attention architectural buildings, which are located in the Loire Valley.

The gem of this picturesque edge is considered to be a medieval castle Usse, built on the banks of the river Erne in the fifteenth century. During its long history, this beautiful architectural complex changed a lot of owners, often in its walls were conducted large-scale reconstruction. It is not surprising that historians have so far and cannot figure out what looked like Castle Usse original.

There is a legend that in one of the castle towers once pricked spindle king's daughter, asleep at the same time by as much as a hundred years. This fact was the basis for the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty" of the famous Charles Perrault.

But historical records say that in this castle never owned any royalty or one king within its walls not even for a short lived.

To date, the interiors of the castle complex is very attractive for tourists, because they are decorated with antique wooden furniture, precious paintings and Flemish carpets. In the halls of Usse visitors can see mannequins dressed in costumes belonging to different epochs.

In one of the towers of the castle you can see the characters in a fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty", figures which are made of wax. All of them, if they were alive, dressed in luxurious gowns and tourists return to the good old fairy tale.