Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gastelugache Island

Gastelugache Island and its famous bridge (Spain)

Gastelugache (his full name San Juan de Gastelugache) - is a small island located in the north of Spain, in the Bay of Biscay. On the island is very beautiful nature, but the sight of him did not it. The fact that there is a famous bridge, which consists of a staircase of 237 steps. They must climb all those who want to visit the tiny hermitage on the top.

There on the island Gastelugache and a church built by the Templars in the tenth century. There remained a large number of noteworthy items. For example, donations from sailors who once survived a terrible shipwreck and want to thank God for the miraculous rescue. Narrow stone bridge was built specifically to connect the mainland with the island. Walk on it - this is the real adventure, especially if the sea observed excitement. From the bridge and steps can be observed breathtaking views that are forever imprinted in the memory, because of its beauty.

If someone wants to count the number of steps on the bridge, it can happen amazing story. The thing is that there are different information as to how many rungs in the ladder. Someone says that their 237, and others counted only 232, or even 229 steps. It is best to go to the island independently of San Juan de Gastelugache and start counting. Vicinity of the island is often visited by divers, and if you belong to one of them, be sure to browse the catalog of watches for diving and choose some for yourself.

Such a beautiful and relatively affordable to visit facilities not so much, especially if you take into account the real architectural monuments. As already mentioned above, the church on the island was built in the 10th century, and the bridge itself is no less a story. All this makes the island Gastelugache desirable place for the voyage.