Friday, February 20, 2015

Ketchaoua Mosque

Ketchaoua Mosque

(A Fascinating Journey Muslim Shrine)

Africa is considered a religious shrine Ketchaoua Mosque, which is located in Algeria. Throughout its existence, she had several times changed his destiny. Originally this building, erected by the Turks in the XVII century, played the role of the cathedral and only a few centuries, was transformed into a mosque.

Ketchaoua Mosque - an example of the ideal combination of two styles: Byzantine and Moorish. Here mesmerizing everything from the splendor of columns and ceilings and finishing plaster. The interesting thing is that most of this beauty is preserved in its original form.

The main feature of the mosque is a 23-step staircase, at the end of the path that appears in front of tourist’s breathtaking beauty of a door leading directly to the mosque. It belongs to the unique architectural value. If you would like to visit this attraction, last minute help implement his plan, saving considerable resources.

Here you can see a portico supported by black marble columns, numerous arcades, striking in its beauty, as well as the colonnade of white marble, the purpose of which is maintaining a set.

Every corner of this African attractions impregnated historical past. Here, for example, the remains of the last of the Apaches - Geronimo.

The mosque is annually visited by many pilgrims as well as people interested in art, those who simply want to enjoy this picturesque monument, looking at who forgets a lot. Here everything is done so subtly and beautifully that stop just for a second opinion, even on the smallest details, will be impossible to refuse a fascinating journey through the mosque.