Sunday, February 22, 2015

Leo House Morera

Leo House Morera in Barcelona (Spain)

On the "Quarter differences" heard many people, especially those who are able to visit in Barcelona. On a relatively small space settled three famous house creations of the best masters, each of which can be called a work of art. The architecture of these buildings cannot fail to impress, but at the same time at home are very different from each other. One of them, the house Lier Morera (Cat. Casa Lleo Morera), which was built by the famous architect Lluis Domenech modernist-and-Montarera, discuss in this article. And say that the building can be called a model of applied Modernism. It was rebuilt from an old house specifically for wealthy industrialist, the work carried out in 1906.

This house is different from the rest of his "brothers" the origin of its name. Two other houses "Quarter differences", Casa Batllo and Casa Amalia got their names in honor of their owners, who managed to stay forever in the memory of the people, and the Casa Morera Lier so named because of the decorations, which can be seen on the facade: Lions (lleo) and mulberry trees (morera). Also, it is distinguished from the rest of the presence of a corner of the rotunda, which is on the side of the street Consell de Cent.

Decorating the house doing the best artists in ceramics, famous sculptors, master mosaic, as well as experts in the decor and furniture, which are invited to work Domenech Montarera whose contemporaries noticed a penchant for beautiful ornament. Most likely, the great architect wanted to make the building, the interior and facade which would have been decorated with lots of decoration, with the highest quality. This home has been and remains one of the most visited buildings in Barcelona.

Bas-reliefs, sculptures, stucco interwoven into one unique pattern, from which it is impossible to look away. Many impressive columns created from pink marble. It is impossible not to pay attention to the picture posted of the mosaic. The interior of the house is striking: beautiful staircases, patterned ceilings, stained-glass windows - everything speaks of wealth, but also differs elegance and splendor.

All three houses from the "Quarter differences" are noteworthy because is a unique work of architectural art. Casa Morera Lier in this series takes its special place. The building impresses with its unique beauty, originality, and is undoubtedly one of the most interesting sights of Barcelona.