Sunday, February 22, 2015

Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle (The symbol of Courage and Defiance)

In nine kilometers from Postojna cave pit, which is considered one of the biggest in the world, is Predjama Castle - bright Historic Site of Slovenia, the symbol of courage and defiance, shrouded in mystery and legend. The first mention of the castle is found in the chronicles, dated the thirteenth century.

Completed the construction of defensive structures only in the sixteenth century. Powerful outpost situated on a cliff at an altitude of about one hundred and twenty three meters, had a cave base.

Part of the underground halls of the castle complex were used at one time as the stables and other outbuildings. Castle is a great fortress of refuge, he was equipped with underground passages, as well as sources of fresh water.

Predjama castle interior is typical for such constructions of the middle Ages, here you can see the prince, dining room and fireplace. Located in the castle is also room for torture and of the hearing, a chapel and a small room for the priest. Travel companies that organize excursions, willingly offer tours for children and adults with a visit to the castle.

It is noteworthy that the most famous historical period this powerful outpost considered the sixteenth century, when the castle was hiding knight robber Erasmus Luegg with his associates.

It took many centuries, but the appearance of Predjama castle has not changed, so tourists today can see a wonderful view of the medieval impregnable stronghold. Within the walls of the castle complex operates a museum exhibition which acquaints visitors with samples of medieval art.