Saturday, February 14, 2015

Temple Complex of Prambanan

The Temple Complex of Prambanan


Prambanan temple complex, founded in 8-9 century - is a unique place that will always be remembered, because nothing like you will not see anywhere else. It is located in the central part of the island of Java, between the towns of Solo and Yogya.

Prambanan Temples - a few buildings of stone gray. Considered the most important meeting of the three temples, called Loro Dzhongrang, which translates as "slender virgin." These temples are dedicated to the three deities: Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. On the walls of the temples can be seen reliefs, namely scenes from the epic "Ramayana".

There is a beautiful legend about the origin of the name of the temple Loro Dzhongrang. Once upon a time lived a beautiful princess Loro Dzhongrang, who did not want to marry. When she woo prince she put the impossible as it seemed to her condition - for one night to build a temple. But the young man performed the task with the help of the gods and called his wonderful construction of Prambanan. The girl did not expect, and not to get married, decided to set fire to the temple. Its awful angry prince, and he called otherworldly forces, turned her into a stone statue.

Next to the three main temple is located building smaller, which focused on animal supreme gods. Adherents of Hinduism believe that each god had his servants who served them as carriers. That they were devoted the rest of temple structures, namely the eagle Garuda, Vishnu is transported, the bull Nandi - Shiva carrier, and swans Angsu, animal Brahma.

Also there were other temple structures, which, unfortunately, is strongly affected by the earthquake.

Now inside the temple visitors are not allowed, because there is a risk of collapse of buildings. The fact that for a long time, the temple complex was in a strong desolation. Later, began restoration work, but they are moving very slowly. However, look at the Prambanan temple stands as building struck by its beauty and grandeur.