Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Africa Burn 2012 Festival

Africa Burn 2012 Festival of Radical Self-expression

If it so happened that you are traveling through the desert, met aliens on stilts, with pink wings, the whole body is splashed with fluorescent dyes, and on his head a traditional Indian headdress - do not think that you are overheated in the hot African sun. Most likely, you just accidentally hit on the festival Afrika Burn (abbreviated AB), which was held this year in the desert Karoo in South Africa. This annual event is a creative for the fifth time. 5000 participants are ready to build, sing, dance, play and self-developing around what you can and cannot imagine.
Each year, built a temporary city called Tankva, basically it consists of tents of various sizes, cars, trailers and crafts festival participants, often enormous size and the most incredible view. This year's theme for fantasy was "Mirage", and won the award Mariella Rossi future study:
 “Mirage - a natural optical phenomenon in which light rays are bent to create the illusion of water, people or objects.
What is it? What is reality? And that - pure fantasy?
Is it a mirror of ourselves?
Flickering reflection. Temporary and transitory.
We going to live on line, where the hot earth meets the sky, we will dance, sing, and rejoice.
But come quickly, because if you wait too long, by the time you get here, we can leave. "
Website explains that AB no separate audience. There are all present - and artists and the audience at the same time. You can get anywhere on the stool and start my speech - and, quite possibly, in a minute you will be cheering crowd. It all depends on the talent and personal qualities.

This year the festival was held from 25 to 30 April. In addition to the most incredible costumes and architectural facts, participants exercised in the creation of unique vehicles.

The only restriction for them was the maximum speed of 6 miles per hour, which is justified by the high population density in Tankve. By hands "Bjorner" transports also differed variety of shapes and designs.
The key phenomenon of the festival is, of course, the music, which contributed to the emancipation of internal participants and create an atmosphere of creativity and creation.