Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fashion Show

Avian Fashion Show


It has long been accustomed to all slim models representing public fashion trends, but on avian fashion show for the first time spoke Welsh Brian Harrington - farmer city of Sydney. According to him, the peculiar but quite attractive feathery model does not concede long-legged beauties.

Over the years, the "model" Harrington defile at the Royal Easter Festival Easter Show, and always their outfits match the latest fashion trends. Some ducks have already passed the third decade, and it is for these participants already rather advanced age.
Presentation generally lasts about an hour and ends traditionally always - the appearance of beautiful models in wedding dresses. In between the performances of the podium has to put in order, as the natural needs of birds and prefer to meet directly with the audience.
An elderly farmer knows every duck and goose by name and personally sew costumes for them charming, because it believes that they should look "one hundred percent." As a thank you for their work Harrington each time from the appreciative audience gets a barrage of compliments and tumultuous applause.
In the Australian cityattracts millions of tourists each year to take part in a great festival, and enjoy bird fashion show. By the way, ducks and geese here can not only walk around in beautiful dresses on the catwalk, but also participate in fun competitions in running. In tracksuits they are gaining so much speed that very often they cannot even take a picture.