Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Imitation Pirates

International Day of Imitation Pirates

Perhaps many would like at least a day to go back to the Middle Ages and become bold and liberated pirates. Benefit now everyone has the opportunity. No, the time machine has not yet been invented, and to return to the Middle Ages, no one will, but feel the spirit, charm and all the freedom of pirate life can become a party to the International Day of imitation pirates.
The idea of organizing the festival came quite by accident: two young men John Baur and Mark Summers, playing once in the pirates decided to make this simple fun international holiday. “Why cannot people like that get together to put on yourself pirate costumes, swear swear words, and so on? "- thought the young enthusiasts.
The date of the day pirates, or as they call it the British International Talk like a Pirate Day, September19 was chosen. This day was chosen because September 19 - the birthday of the former wife of the founder of the brand. It is worth noting that, despite the best efforts of the children, the holiday was not originally crowned the attention of the masses. Only in 2002, from an article by Dave Barry learned about the holiday millions.
The tradition of celebrating the day the pirates first affected Canada, Australia, and then to other countries, including Finland. By the way, if you would like to visit the country - offer Finland for 1 day. Now September 19 pirate attributes put people in more than 40 countries around the world. Mandatory conditions for participation in the festival is the knowledge of slang language, typical pirate curses, and, if possible, a few pirate stories, which are so fond of telling corsairs during voyages.