Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Festival Watermelons

Festival for Lovers of Watermelons Chinchilla Melon 


Sometimes I want a tasty and juicy watermelon, which will warm fond memories of carefree summer days. Interestingly, the same whether participants think fruit thrash festival Chinchilla Melon? And for those who are only going to go to sunny Australia to become apart of the celebration of watermelon Chinchilla Melon, it's time to enroll English classes.
Chinchilla Melon Festival is held every two years in the Australian town of Chinchilla, watermelon capital of the country. This holiday is a very fun and varied, but come to him only in the old and useless clothes. How Come? Pragmatic Australians explain everything very simple: it will be difficult not to get dirty among tons of watermelon juice.
Chinchilla Melon is somewhat reminiscent of the Spanish Tomatina, but here the main hero of the occasion - watermelon. Thousands of people during the festival desperately compete in skill breakdown of these large berry that is more like a watermelon war than a harmless game.
In addition to the collapse of the watermelon festival program Chinchilla Melon includes many other events, namely throwing watermelons ring riding on them, etc. And perhaps the most amusing spectacle is weighing watermelons, the largest of which will receive the honorary title of "Watermelon year." The most extreme event of the festival is considered to be breaking these incredibly hard berries head, which remains the undisputed leader John Allwood, who managed to break 47 watermelons in just one minute. This achievement was even officially entered in the Guinness Book of Records.