Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Unbelievable (USA)

Unbelievable Spherical Panoramas


Each of us sees the world differently, but some talented and extraordinary personalities are not only able to see their unique reality, but also successfully show it to other people. These words can fully describe the creative American photographer Randy Scott Slevina (Randy Scott Slavin), which really surprised his vision of reality at an angle of 360 degrees.
Already well-known series of works of the photographer called "Alternative Perspectives (Alternate Perspectives). Each image in this collection is unusual - it does not have the usual lines and angles and is a closed circle in the image consisting of a plurality of pictures taken separately.
Fairy-tale world, which is on the works of Randy Scott Slevin, looks like some kind of parallel reality. Fields, beaches, forests, cities and ponds in these photos magically "twist" in the spiral and the funnel, turning into a kind of wells or small planets.
Even the names of the photos in this special artist originally thinking: "Hand of God", "Sea and Moon", "Big Sur", "In glass", "Alice","In Dreams" - just reading these signatures are already beginning to imagine the extraordinary fantasy worlds, where would love to get.
The creation of each such photos from the photographer requires a lot of effort, because it is necessary to find the right angle, to "catch" the right light and make a perfect shot. But the work does not end - the lion's share of effort is necessary to process the image editing software which allow infinitely manipulate with images, achieving a truly masterpiece result.
Surreal landscapes Randy Scott Slevina really stagger the imagination, because such colorful spherical panoramas completely change our usual view of the world. Thanks to this young American artist already enjoys quite popular, which inspires him to new and unusual photographs.