Thursday, February 12, 2015

Homemade Clouds (Netherlands)

Homemade Clouds


Clouds covering the tops of the mountains, or slowly drifting somewhere in the height of bird flight - a phenomenon uniquely beautiful, but has long been familiar to mankind. And what would you say, seeing a thick white cloud in the sky, not, as in, say, a gallery or a huge ballroom? Sure would be surprised and do not believe their eyes, and yet, it turns out that it's real!
Here are a few unusual installations in the series "Nimbus" from the talented Dutch who managed to "settle" indoors now a natural phenomenon. 
Creatives from the Netherlands for many years engaged in the domestication of the clouds, and reached in this matter considerable success. However, to create each "weather object" it requires a special machine that is able to generate a bunch of air necessary humidity and temperature, which is, in fact, is the cloud.
Their installation artist organizes, mainly in the old abandoned industrial buildings, exhibition halls and galleries. Before the show every time he sets up a long time in the room necessary conditions and creates the right atmosphere, but the result is always a huge success with the public, which is in a hurry to fix unusual phenomenon on camera.
According to the artist, in addition to specially selected temperature and the desired level of humidity, a huge role in the success of the venture with clouds plays correctly exposed light, which makes it possible to present the result of effort in the most favorable light.
Clouds, indistinguishable from the real thing - they even dissipate as quickly and swiftly. But people who appreciate such art experiments, ready to spend hours waiting for the right moment for a few minutes a striking demonstration of "the cloud room".
The artist's work has not gone unnoticed by many respected publications: in 2012 the magazine "Time" acknowledged his technique of hand clouds one of the fifty best inventions of the year.