Thursday, February 12, 2015

Surreal Manhattan

Those who are a little Manhattan underfoot, you should pay attention to the futuristic work of Brad Sloan, in which instead of the sky symmetrical city that mirror the stunning views of Manhattan.

Manhattan - is the "heart" of New York, the dream of many and the reality of a select few. Brad Sloan took only 3 days to be inspired by Manhattan and devote his new art project. Many attractions "Island of Dreams" depicts a surreal manner with distorted horizon, and in the light of Manhattan seems more powerful.

Knew how to play with light, monochromatic style contrasts transmission and, of course, a mirror effect helped make photos catchy, dynamic and voluminous.
Photographer Brad Sloan admits that the idea of creating a "mirror of Manhattan" came to him by chance while walking around Manhattan. He immediately took the camera and decided to bring the fruits of their fabulous imagination into reality.

Talking about his work, Brad Sloan says that not consider himself a genius photographer. Moreover, the modest American recognizes that not even live up to the concept of "professional", calling himself an ordinary amateur.

By the way, Brad Sloan - this is not the first person to contemporary art that inspires Manhattan. Luxury "Big Apple" and relished the Japanese Yutaka Sone sculpture, who dedicated the lights of the night city sculpture Little Manhattan.