Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rainbow Roses

Rainbow Roses Peter Wark

All who care about the colors, especially the roses, will appreciate the brilliant idea Dutchman Peter Van de pulping, who decided to make selling in his flower shop flowers do not look like those found in the market.

To implement such a plan it is, of course, need special training and extraordinary patience to comply with all the necessary technology, but the result is worth it.

Now flowers WARC was referred to as Rainbow roses or Happy Flowers, because they really look like a colorful rainbow. These colorful flowers are obliged to bring people happiness and joy.

Grow like a miracle Peter was not immediately, because at first he tried to change the colors of roses by spraying their petals, but the experiment proved unsuccessful.

After the first attempts Varkenu and his colleagues will need about six months in order to, finally, to come up with a way to grow roses, petals which will play with all the colors of the rainbow.

As it turned out, it is necessary to inject a special dye into the stem growing roses. After some time, the dye tend to settle in the petals, which ceases to cause unusual color roses. With the help of this method can be any make-colored flowers, especially elegant look chrysanthemums and hydrangeas.

Multicolored flowers Peter Wark today can be a great part of any interior, and they are the dream of every representative of the beautiful half of humanity.