Thursday, February 12, 2015

Art Work Wonders in the Kitchen

Culinary Carving Art Work Wonders in the Kitchen

Culinary carving - a special kind of art that unites fans of cutting of vegetables, wood, ice. The name of this unusual class is derived from the English word "Carving", which means "cut."

With artisan carving should be familiar every self-respecting chef, but only in selected cooking virtuosos get real culinary masterpieces.

Carving on vegetables is known for a long time. Appearing in the ancient East, the art of carving vegetables became part of folk traditions. This skill passed from generation to generation, and many people were delighted with the way the wizard turns ordinary fruits and vegetables in the real works of art.

Culinary carving is not alien and Russian cooks. In 2004, the territory of the Russian Academy of even launched carving - a special institution, which teaches cutting wood, ice, vegetables and so on.

Nowadays, vegetable carving to become an integral part of the culinary competition among Russian, both national and foreign chefs.

However, the objects themselves vegetable carving is slightly different in different countries. If we talk about the "European" carving, here cut decoration pumpkin, beets, eggplant, cabbage and other vegetables peculiar to this region. In turn, Asian chef cut papaya, watermelon, melon and taro root, from which, by the way, a very beautiful flowers. Other works by world master’s culinary carving can be seen in these photos.