Thursday, February 12, 2015

Chocolate Flower

Chocolate Cosmos Flower with an Amazing Aroma

One of the most unique flowers in Latin America is considered to be the Chocolate Cosmos (Cosmos), which can be found in many countries in the region, but most of all Cosmo growing in the fields of Mexico, which is considered the birthplace of the flowering plants.

Chocolate Cosmo Cosmo belongs to the genus, these flowering plants still have the name space. The variety of these colors and not so great, because there are a total of twenty-five species, but at the same time forms of one species is quite different from the other, is also impressive color palette and variety of smells Cosmo.

There were times when the plants flower almost considered a weed, but today the attitude towards them has changed dramatically. Cosmo popular now in many countries around the world, including in Russia, because they are beautiful, unpretentious and cold-tolerant ornamental plants.

Chocolate Cosmos today prevalent in America, there is appreciated by all its advantages. Many believe that this flower is very ancient. Its amazing odor resembling chocolate attracts people who tried to disrupt the plant on memory or teach someone this original gift. But by the beginning of the last century because of the relationship of people to the flower, chocolate cosmos in Mexico only a few bushes.

Scientists have time to take urgent action, collecting seeds in 1902, the last of this flower bush, thus enabling mankind to enjoy the wonderful aroma and beauty of the plant. Until now, the preservation of chocolate cosmos is cited as an example of conservation of botanical diversity in many scientific papers.