Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Church (Denmark)

Church thief Frelsers Kirche in Copenhagen


At the end of the seventeenth century between 1682 and 1696 year, on the orders of King Christian IV, near Hristianskhavn, which is located in the ancient city of Copenhagen, built a Baroque church thief Frelsers Kirche. If we translate its name from the Danish, it will sound like a "Church of the Savior."

This building is, of course, stands out among these not only for its rather advanced age, but also unusual tower around which winds staircase. It is this unique staircase, the second does not, because then all spiral staircases twisted clockwise only, and this made counterclockwise. Legend has it that the architect, project accounting, made the mistake of turning the ladder is not as needed. But the plan was given to the King for approval, and upon approval of the architect was afraid to change something in the project. And because of the carelessness of the architect church became famous throughout the country. But it was in fact, or is it just talk, we'll probably never know.

First on the legendary stairs, which has four steps, climbed Frederick V, who was then governor of Denmark. It happened in 1752. He not only looked at the new building, but also made ​​it holy. Now this same path, climbing to a height can do everyone to admire from the heights of the beautiful city of Copenhagen. You can climb up from April to October. If you pre-arrange tours to, it is possible to obtain more complete information on attractions. On the same site there are guides in almost all European cities.

The church thief Frelsers Kirche in the original project was not the spire, but in the same 1752 he appeared, its creation was entrusted to another architect. In addition to the unusual stairs church famous gilded stylized body. This exhibit may also be interested in because of an error, which once made the master. The fact that the instrument is supported by two decorative elephant. But, as the Internet at the time was not as elephants in Denmark, a master who could only imagine what they look like, did these animals with hairy legs. But the musical instrument, despite its unusual appearance, continues to delight visitors to this day, a year, a 15-20 concerts.

Sometimes common mistakes masters can make them famous creation, the church thief Frelsers Kirche - visual confirmation. But, of course, to visit its worth not only because of this. It is an ancient unique building, on which will be interesting to see all the fans of the architectural monuments, and ordinary tourists, because church incredibly beautiful.