Friday, February 13, 2015

Golden Pheasant (China)

Golden Pheasant Colorful Birds from China

Bright and colorful plumage, which can be compared to that of some species of tropical birds, has a golden pheasant. Yet it is worth noting that such a delightful decorations have only males, females are also possess rather inconspicuous brown feathers. The birthplace of this amazing species of birds considered to be China, pheasants live there in a thicket of bamboo.

In late March, at the golden pheasants courtship games begin, at this time, males clearly demonstrate that they belong to the order Galliformes, because they are snooty and behave like real fighting cocks.

An essential attribute of golden pheasants during this period are marriage dances with great inspiration sing cocks, circling near his lady, showing a bright collar and fluttering wings at the same time. After incendiary dance movements male stops overhanging wings, allowing fazanke admire his beautiful tail.

Golden Pheasant can have his harem, consisting of two or three chickens that can lay in the current period to fourteen eggs. Golden fazanochki considered selfless mothers, ready to defend their last chicks. Known case was in a zoo, when the patient was able to sit fazanka and raise chicks, while about her illness only learned when she dropped dead from exhaustion.

Golden pheasant can be found in private nurseries and zoos, it is easily adaptable to changing climate and its new environment. In Europe, this kind of bird was two hundred years ago, many individuals selected from the cells were able to establish numerous flocks in the wild.