Friday, February 13, 2015

Blue Angel

The Beauty of the Underwater World

In the seas and oceans located in the tropics, home to shellfish-hunter with the poetic name of Blue Angel, which has a tiny size. This type of gastropods is a very beautiful creature, while its length is a maximum of eight centimeters.

Blue Angel has a finger-like outgrowths (cerates) that are placed on the sides of the torso. It is worth noting that cerates serve to maintain buoyancy at the surface of the Blue Angel water and passes them on the digestive tract.

Innocuous at first glance, look, as well as a tiny size does not become an obstacle to the fact that the Blue Angel is a predator. Its diet includes a Portuguese ship, and other gastropods.

Blue Angel is resistant to the poison of jellyfish, which is found in their stinging cells. When digestion of stinging cells can only capsule with a poisonous substance that enters the cerates, and they can serve for a long time a defense mechanism for the Blue Angel. For this reason, it is not recommended to take with your bare hands.

Glaucus atlanticus (as in Latin is called Blue Angel) periodically swallows air bubbles, whereby he can stay at the water surface. In the stomach shellfish stored gas bubble with which he manages to maintain a balance of the body.

Andromeduza used for blue angel at the same time truck and dinner because shellfish is attached to the bottom of it, and when he is hungry, it bites off quite large pieces of jellyfish. Hide from enemies Blue Angel helps camouflage color, which has a dark blue color.