Friday, February 13, 2015

Transformation of Wood chips

Sergey Bobkov Sculpture

(The incredible Transformation of Wood chips)

Normal school teacher Sergey Bobkov recently became interested in the manufacture of sculptures of animals, but nevertheless, his artistic products known outside Russia.

Technology Wizard is so unique that Bobkov even managed to get a patent. Still, after his sculptures from wood chips look so realistic that looking at them, and do not say that it is the usual chips, rather than natural feathers or down.

Master admitted that it inspires all unusual, because to do what many do not know how interesting. Work of the school teacher is really special, or for them to not offer tens of thousands of dollars, from which, by the way, the master refuses, arguing that art cannot be sold.

On the production of each sculpture Sergey Bobkov works for about six months and it is not surprising, because the work is very laborious and requires a lot of effort and time. Before you create a sculpture of an animal artist spends several months in order to study in detail its anatomy, as well as the subtleties of habits.

Is a serious process and preparation of chips, because in order to make it during the work does not crumble need a few days to soak in water, wooden blocks, and only then proceed to create the necessary forms that require surgical precision.

The wizard look so stunning that they are often compared with many stuffed than a little saddened by Sergey Bobkov. He never ceases to convince all that are two big differences, as stuffed associated with death, and its products are a symbol of life.