Friday, February 13, 2015

Cat Billy's Best Friend

Cat Billy's Best Friend and nanny for a sick Boy (Scotland)

Our younger brothers very often for the person closest and loyal friends. Not uncommon are cases when an animal has saved the life of his master, or helped him overcome evil disease. As visual proof can give an example of this and sincere friendship that emerged between the four-year boy from Scotland and the usual homeless cat Billy.

At first glance, it seems that there is nothing unusual about the child's friendship with the cat, but the fact that the child, whose name is Fraser Booth, autism and to meet with Billy it was very difficult to find contact even with his own mother. Being in despair, not knowing what to do with constant tantrums son, his mother brought home a homeless kitten, who immediately went to Fraser and sat on his lap, purring softly.

With the advent of a cat in the house of the boy became calmer, even more so, it has become almost normal to talk and play. Of course, the problem has not disappeared completely, but doctors claim that if the case it goes on, the boy has a good chance to fight this terrible disease.

For the same mother cat has become a real nanny, because he never for a moment left the child. Even when Fraser yourself playing in the garden, Billy was watching him, sitting close to the side. Perhaps it was his presence helps to ensure that the boy became much calmer. In the moments when a child becomes ill, the cat immediately walks up to him and sits on his lap. There were times that the cat could sit well in the hands of Fraser day. Here it must be a real friendship.