Friday, February 13, 2015

Bungle Bungle

Bungle Bungle

(One of the most Mysterious places in Australia)

Ridge Bungle Bungle, located in the territory of Australia Purnululu National Park, considered one of the most unique and mysterious places of the continent. Until the eighties of the last century on this bright natural attraction known only to the local Aborigines, which was carried out in these places their sacred rituals for centuries.

Due to its amazing scenery orange and black Bungle Bungle, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. On the creation of this miracle of nature, according to experts, worked for three hundred and fifty million years. It is as if an invisible master laid great surrealist paintings of huge sandstone rocks. Going on a trip to such a remote region.

Top, of course, consider it a wonderful place from a helicopter when a bird's-eye before the tourists disclosed mazes domed hills with steep cliffs, waterfalls and palm trees.

Local tribes kept the legend, according to which these unique hills were once in this area crawled giant size Rainbow Serpent

It is worth noting that the ridge Bungle Bungle-takes-sixth of the area of ​​Purnululu National Park, and is the most attractive for travelers ecosystem. Its unusual coloring sandstone massif is required, which has a bright orange and blue-green algae forming dark streaks.

Travel Bungle Bungle, gives an unforgettable experience, it is not surprising that here you can see tourists from many corners of our planet.