Friday, February 13, 2015

Exhibition on the Beach

"Sculpture by the Sea"

The Original Exhibition on the Beach (Australia)

Giant peacock made of stainless steel, a huge bowl of water, which is reflected upside down ocean, swimming pool or the men with iron impressive size spring - all these wonders can witness and photograph the purest coast of Australia. Hundreds of interesting and unusual compositions exhibited annually in the two-kilometer segment of the coast not far from Sydney, and the name of this exhibition "Sculpture by the Sea (Sculpture by the Sea).

The first demonstration of such sculptures here was first organized in 1996, and since then the show has gained immense popularity and has become an annual event. Dozens of artists and sculptors from all over the world seek to present their creations here, because it could bring them international fame.

Interestingly, in the early years of the exhibition between the beaches of Bondi and Tamarama authors exhibited only a few figures, so as they did not believe in the promise of this unusual exhibition space. But over time, here pulled journalists and curious tourists, followed by the venerable and collectors, and today there are often thousands of committed transactions. Today you can buy as a kit for shellac and works of famous artists.

The exhibition itself is free, but anyone can buy here your favorite sculpture. In addition, the authors of the best works, as defined in eleven nominations receive a very large cash prizes. The maximum fee is 65 000 US dollars.

There are no restrictions on the type of material used or the size of the sculptures on display there, so you can see everything that you want - and a huge frying pan full of sand and scattered along the beach human bodies with animal heads, and strange geometric shapes or even slogans. Masters float wire, glass, stone, plastic and many other materials, so the lack of variety here.

The exhibition "Sculpture by the Sea" in 2014 took place on the coast, from 23 October to 9 November, and became especially those that took thousandth of the artist in its history.